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Here are a few things I’ve worked on.

Hot + Cold

GitHub - Swift, Carthage, SwiftyBeaver

Hot + Cold is a fun navigation game for iOS. All you need to play is a point-of-interest category and maximum travel distance to try. You navigate the streets nearly blind, with no knowledge of your destination, but Hot + Cold delivers subtle suggestions based on the age-old warmer and colder cues. The color hue even changes as you complete your journey, confirming your intuition.

The app was initially developed by a group of my friends and me at HackBeanpot back during our first year at Northeastern. Later I went back and cleaned it up enough to give away on the App Store. Since then, I’ve used it as a test bed to try out different aspects of iOS development, including dependency management, automated UI testing, and improved AutoLayout.

3-D Crossword

Try it - GitHub - JavaScript, Three.js

The 3-D Crossword gives more depth to the traditional puzzle experience. Each letter can be in up to three entries at once - a big step up from just two. A willingness to see new perspectives, as well as patience for the terrible fill and cluing, are needed to solve the enigma.

The game was developed this past summer during MakerWeek at the New York Times. Each year, employees across the company are invited to spend a week exploring a new projects, and a group of other interns and I set out to build this prototype. The idea nicely complimented my work on the Games team at the Times, and I had recently taken an interest in crossword puzzles themselves. I tried my hand writing some clues, and the results speak for themselves.

Recipe Man

Try it - GitHub - JavaScript/Node, mongoDB, Angular, React

Recipe Man is my group’s final project for the Database Design course at Northeastern. It’s a simple web app that helps the user chef streamline their recipe and ingredient inventory. The app uses a Node/Express backend with mongoDB (aided by Mongoose) to manage the recipe store. While the class mostly involved SQL work, we opted to use mongoDB instead as it better fits our recipes and other saved objects.

I mostly wrote the backend services and Angular admin front-end. I did not spend as much time working with React during the semester, but afterwards I spent quite a bit of time figuring out how to combine the two front-end projects and back-end project into a single deliverable. You can more about that process in this post.